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DATE TIME Group A Group B
13/07/15 9.00-10.30  Inauguration  Inauguration
10.30-12.30PM Dr.KaradagStart up and introducing basics

  • Starting with the basic of GeoGebra: Introducing menu and tools
  • How to use dynamic features: Sliders and Free Objects
  • Introducing function and inverse function
  • Creating linear, quadratic, and sqrt functions
  • Decorating objects
  • Dynamic texts and dynamic colors
Mr. Mikko
1.30-2.30pm Ms.Sangeeta Google apps
2.45 – 4.30pm Dr.KaradagLearning trajectory from geometry to calculus

  • Creating linear functions
  • Calculating the area by using geometric approaches
  • Presenting results by using dynamic texts
  • Creating parabola
  • Using calculus to calculate area
  • Introducing upper sum, lower sum, and Riemann approach
Mr. Mikko
14/0715 9.00-11.00am Dr.KaradagAlgebra and calculus

  • Exploring linear function
    • y=mx
    • y=2x+1 and y=mx+n
  • Exploring parabola
  • Exploring ellipse and hyperbola
  • Translation of functions
    • y= abs(x),   y=abs(x)+k   y = and y= abs(x+k) with slider only
Mr. Mikko
11.15-12.30 Ms.sangeeta Google apps Ms.sangeeta Google apps
1.30-3.30 Dr.KaradagMathematics and Art

  • Creating basic geometric objects by using tools
  • Creating basic geometric objects through Euclidean Perspective
  • Transformational functions
    • Reflecting objects with tools
    • Translating objects with vectors (tools)
    • Rotating objects with tools
    • Rotating objects with matrices
    • Translating objects with matrices
    • Dilating objects with tools
  • Creating an ornament by using tools (sequence and list)
  • Creating dynamic ornament by using slider
3.45-4.15 Mr.MikkoQuestion and answer session Dr.KaradagQuestion and answer session
4.15  valedectory

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