IGCI 2021 talk on Using GeoGebra for Statistic

I am really honored to be invited to this conference. It is always very inspirational to work with teachers from different countries. I think we teachers around the world are very same kind of people. We love our subject, we love the kids, students and we want to help them to get a better life.

Conference website

Youtube video from the conference. My part starts about 56 min before the end.

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Player data pdf from FIFA

World cup player ggb-file

Mikko’s probability simulations GeoGebra Book


International GeoGebra Conference, India, 11-13 March, 2021

Intiassa järjestetään GeoGebra verkkokonferenssi. Osallistuminen on ilmaista ja voit myös itse pitää oman esityksen (10 min.) siitä, miten käytät GeoGebraa opetuksessasi. The aim of this online conference is to illustrate how GeoGebra can be used to develop mathematical thinking in the learners and promote ”Higher Order Thinking”.

Konferssissa on on myös paneelikeskustelu, jonka aiheena on Role of GeoGebra in motivating underachievers.

Ilmoittautuminen esityksiin (short presentations) päättyy 21.2.21 ja ilmoittautuminen itse konferenssiin päättyy 5.3.21.

Katso lisää konferenssisivulta. https://sites.google.com/view/igci2021/home


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DATE TIME Group A Group B
13/07/15 9.00-10.30  Inauguration  Inauguration
10.30-12.30PM Dr.KaradagStart up and introducing basics

  • Starting with the basic of GeoGebra: Introducing menu and tools
  • How to use dynamic features: Sliders and Free Objects
  • Introducing function and inverse function
  • Creating linear, quadratic, and sqrt functions
  • Decorating objects
  • Dynamic texts and dynamic colors
Mr. Mikko
1.30-2.30pm Ms.Sangeeta Google apps
2.45 – 4.30pm Dr.KaradagLearning trajectory from geometry to calculus

  • Creating linear functions
  • Calculating the area by using geometric approaches
  • Presenting results by using dynamic texts
  • Creating parabola
  • Using calculus to calculate area
  • Introducing upper sum, lower sum, and Riemann approach
Mr. Mikko
14/0715 9.00-11.00am Dr.KaradagAlgebra and calculus

  • Exploring linear function
    • y=mx
    • y=2x+1 and y=mx+n
  • Exploring parabola
  • Exploring ellipse and hyperbola
  • Translation of functions
    • y= abs(x),   y=abs(x)+k   y = and y= abs(x+k) with slider only
Mr. Mikko
11.15-12.30 Ms.sangeeta Google apps Ms.sangeeta Google apps
1.30-3.30 Dr.KaradagMathematics and Art

  • Creating basic geometric objects by using tools
  • Creating basic geometric objects through Euclidean Perspective
  • Transformational functions
    • Reflecting objects with tools
    • Translating objects with vectors (tools)
    • Rotating objects with tools
    • Rotating objects with matrices
    • Translating objects with matrices
    • Dilating objects with tools
  • Creating an ornament by using tools (sequence and list)
  • Creating dynamic ornament by using slider
3.45-4.15 Mr.MikkoQuestion and answer session Dr.KaradagQuestion and answer session
4.15  valedectory