Layers in GeoGebra

When you create objects that overlap in Graphics window, then the newest will be on top. In this article I will show how to change the order of the objects. Revathy, my Fulbright sister asked me to translate this article from Finnish. So I had to do it.  

Create two triangles and change the colors by selecting them and using the Style bar at the top of the Graphics window. The red triangle t1 is created first and the green t2 triangle second.

Here we see that the sides of the red triangle are on top of the green triangle, so there is something wrong in the logic. Is it a bug or feature, I don’t know?

I will use the Layers setting to change the order. Click the red triangle with the right button of the mouse and select Object properties…. In Object properties window click the right arrow to the right and select Advanced. All objects are on layer 0 by default. There are 10 possible layers numbered 0, 1, …, 9.

Change the Layer setting to 1 for the triangle t1. Now the red triangle is on top of the green triangle. Actually the sides are still in 0 Layer, so change the layer value for the red sides also.

When working with layers there is a handy shortcut to select all the objects on a layer Ctrl-L. Create a pentagon and set it to layer 1. 

Select the pentagram by clicking it and then use shortcut Ctrl – L (Cmd – L on a Mac). Now the triangle and the pentagram are selected, so you can move and change the colors if you like.

The Layer help page on GeoGebra wiki is at.



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