The High School Seniors Prom at HYL

On Thursday the 12th graders (3rd graders in high school) left the school. The day is called in Finnish “penkinpainajaiset or penkkarit”. So, the 11th graders became the oldest students at our school. Last months they have been practicing old traditional dances like mazurka, cicapo, polonaise, viennese walz, tango, fireman’s dance, …  for the Senior Prom, “vanhojen tanssit” in Finnish. In some high schools the ball is on Thursday evening but in our school, it is on Friday evening. In our school we also have a tradition that on Thursday some seniors visit elder people at a local nursing home.

On Friday, during the school day, the seniors dance for the other pupils in our school. It is also a dress rehearsal for the official evening ball.  In the evening, families and relatives gather to school to see the spectacular prom. 10th graders work for their senior students in the café and they also clean the ball room after the show.

After the prom we will have a sport holiday for a week.

All the photos from the school day

My collegue Vesa Lahtinen shot a video of their own dance.

Vanhojen tanssit in Wikipedia



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